About Us

I.T.I.L.Y is Malaysia’s leading beauty and skincare brand that specialized in developing all kinds of trendy high-quality facial skin care that answers to the concern and the needs of our community and enhancing every person’s natural beauty so they can enjoy being themselves with the confidence they deserve.



“The brand that LOVE brings togethers in your life for you to shine more than just today.”

I.T.I.L.Y Malaysia was created just because of LOVE as the concept is came from “I Think I Love You”. It means as a special gift to the skin as it is not just a brand to your skin but also your daily life.

Our belief come from the love of life and respect. Thus, our concept is simple as we focus on the principle of skin health by: -

  • Implement the pure plant science and technology as the foundation of the research and development,
  • Eliminate the irritation and sensitization caused by animal ingredients
  • Excluding the harmful ingredient to the skin as much as possible
  • Blending a perfect formula for everyone.


We believe skincare should be authentic, personalized, fuss-free and able to provide the skin with unique formulation.

Our Mission 
We are growing to become a brand recognized by consumers, such as being the No.1 in consumer satisfaction index and selecting customer satisfaction brand. We offer information on skin-friendly beauty recipes with anyone who want their skin to get better every day.

Considering the quality management and safe ingredients, customer’s skin as our top priority, the products that are launched are subjected to human skin irritation test.

Our Promise

  • Prescriptive, Healthy Skincare Solutions
  • Curated Natural Plant Extracts
  • No Harmful Ingredients
  • High Standards and Strict Requirements
  • Honest and Attentive Communication with Customers